An Introduction to the World of Waldorf


It's not often that we get to be a part of gently transitioning our little ones into nursery school and kindergarten. Our Parent-Child program offers a rare peek into your child's development, their interactions in a group setting, as well as provides strong community connections and valuable insight into loving, effective ways to parent.

If you have a child between 16 months and 4 years of age and are looking for a nurturing and home-like environment to play and connect with other families for a few hours each week, please consider joining one of our Parent-Child groups. The Parent-Child group serves as an extended family as children gradually become ready to interact more with their peers outside of the home. The class rhythm includes nursery rhymes, puppet plays, simple songs, and the opportunity to imitate adults engaged in meaningful activity. Children in our program enjoy simply made toys from the natural world that allow and encourage the use of fantasy.

Sanderling Waldorf School's Parent-Child program provides a model of a rhythmic, structured morning, along with songs, finger puppets, art, and storytelling that can be incorporated into one's life while simultaneously enriching their experience at home.  These activities are not only fun for the children, but an important step in creating a lifelong foundation for learning. The Parent-Child program is a valuable introduction to the Waldorf philosophy and provides many opportunities, not only for the child but for parent education as well.


Teacher & Schedule

Ms. Hanna Pellegrino leads our Parent-Child classes.  Children attend with their parent or caregiver once a week. We offer two sessions per year:

  • Fall Session (September 16, 2019 through January 31, 2020)  

  • Spring Session (January 27, 2020 through June 10, 2020)
    *No classes any days the whole school is closed for holidays. Please refer to the school calendar for details.

  • If a class is full please email our Enrollment Director to be placed on a wait list and/or discuss alternative options.


Non-refundable deposit due upon registration: $200

The remainder of the payment must be paid in full at least two weeks before classes begin.
*Once the session begins the full cost of the class is non-refundable.

The fee structure for our Parent-Child classes is as follows:

  • Hummingbird: $770 

  • Chickadee: $1070 

Hummingbird: Ages 16 Months – 2.5 Years


At this age in a child’s development, children begin to interact with one another. The Hummingbird class allows for social interactions between children as well as independent movement during circle time where the children are able to imitate the adults. Free play, storytelling and gathering as a community for a daily organic snack is part of the morning rhythm. Additionally, adults may work on craft projects, such as making simple handmade toys for the children.

Cost: $770 

Fall 2019 HUMMINGBIRD offering three sessions: 


Chickadee: Ages 2.5 – 4 Years


In the Chickadee class, we now move toward the Nursery/Kindergarten experience, as circle time and story lengthen. Each Chickadee class includes a portion of time where the children are supervised by an assistant, while the parents gather with the class teacher for a facilitated study and group discussion on parenting issues. Children joining Chickadee class should be between 2.5 and 4 years old, with readiness to separate from their parent for the parent-education section.

Cost: $1070 

Please note: Due to the length of the class and the focus on parent education, Chickadee enrollment is limited to children in the stated age range only. Younger siblings may be brought along to class only if they are "babies-in-arms".

Fall 2019 CHICKADEE offering two sessions:


*If a class is listed full, please e-mail our Enrollment Director to be placed on a wait list and/or discuss alternative options.

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