Sanderling Waldorf School started in 1996 as a small home-based parent-toddler group. In 1997, the founding group of parents hired a then-recent Waldorf teacher graduate to teach the first preschool class. In 2000, the first Grades classes began, and a new 1st Grade has been added each year since 2004. And, in 2014, SWS proudly graduated its first class of 8th graders! Today our school offers a flourishing program for children ages 18 months through 8th grade.


Our Mission

Our mission at Sanderling Waldorf School is to foster in each child the capacity for self-knowledge that is grounded in a lifelong love of learning. Recognizing each individual as a unique expression of body, soul and spirit, we seek to engage the whole child through a developmentally appropriate curriculum that address the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of a child. In the classroom, at special events and through seasonal festivals, our parents, teachers and staff work together to engage the minds, enliven the imaginations and strengthen the wills of our students. By creating a close-knit community, we provide a nurturing and compassionate environment that fosters both an abiding moral purpose and an understanding that we are part of a global society with many spiritual traditions. Ultimately, this balance of individualism and community building affords our students the opportunity to meet life's challenges with creativity and responsibility.


New Campus

In 2017, we purchased a unique plot of land close to the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Encinitas. We knew that we wanted to grow our school in a location we could call our own, and we all agreed that it should be close to the beach town we started out in. We are currently in the planning phase and hope to break ground in 2019 and building what will be our forever home.


15 Real-world tools

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not always easy to raise our children in ways that help them become strong leaders, embody great values, maintain healthy attitudes and bodies, and learn skill sets that will empower them for life.

This guide is thoughtfully designed to inspire and offer ideas for how to raise kids that enjoy their school life, their home life and get the most of their time as kids!

Please read on for some great tips on how to inspire your child’s creativity at home, stay healthy in the digital age, and develop essential skills for their daily life. — The community at Sanderling