Sanderling Waldorf School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered with the state of California as Waldorf in North Coastal, Inc. Our board of directors, working together with our faculty and administration, contributes to the development and implementation of Sanderling's mission. Its primary responsibilities are legal and fiduciary stewardship, long-term planning, budget approval, risk management, oversight of the school’s operations, and fundraising leadership. 

The Board's membership currently consists of ten voting members:  seven Sanderling parents, one community member, and two faculty representatives.  Our administrator serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

The board meets monthly to review the work of its committees, to address operational issues, and to make or amend school policy and procedure as deemed appropriate. These monthly meetings are open to the Sanderling community and generally occur on the third Monday of each month. If you would like to attend a meeting, please RSVP and confirm the meeting time on the school's calendar


Board Members

kim prentiss.jpg

Kimberly Prentiss

Board President

Kim has two children who happily attend Sanderling’s grades program. She is a seasoned corporate communications and change management professional with more than seventeen years of helping public, private and nonprofit organizations realize success. She holds an M.S. in Communications Management from Syracuse University and a B.A. in English Literature. In addition to communications work, Kim has several years of experience in strategic planning, marketing and business administration and development, for both corporate and educational institutions. Kim’s other board experience includes serving on the board of Children’s Institute for Learning Differences (CHILD) in Washington state. Prior to raising her children, she was an avid volunteer for various children’s literacy and arts programs for at-risk youth. Along with her husband, she and her children enjoy spending time in the outdoors and playing with their many (many) pets. Kim has served on our board since 2012 and as our board chair since 2015.


Jill Hayashi

Vice President/Interim Secretary

Jill lives in Solana Beach with her husband and two children who attend Sanderling. She has taught in public, charter and private schools, and holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership and an Administrative Credential. She has considerable experience and knowledge in charter renewals, on-site management, teacher training, and state, district and school assessments and accountability reports. Jill’s family relocated from West Los Angeles, where Jill served as Secretary on the Board of Trustees at Ocean Charter School (a Waldorf-inspired public school) in West Los Angeles and was involved as a parent representative in her boys’ classes at Westside Waldorf School. Jill joined the board in 2016.


Jeano Erforth


Jeano was born and raised in West-Berlin, Germany. As a young entrepreneur, Jeano co-founded The Electra Bicycle Company in 1993 and moved to California in 1995. Fueled by major design innovations, he built Electra into one of the most desirable lifestyle brands in the world, bringing back the pure pleasure of one of the most popular products of all time to people of all ages. After selling Electra in 2013, a year later he co-founded Uberall LLC, an artist platform converging digital media with spatial experiences. Jeano is serving his second year on the board of Sanderling and his first full year as Treasurer. He and his wife Sandra have volunteered in several different roles at Sanderling over the years, and their son is in the fabulous Miss Tammy Powers’s second grade class.

nat mundel.jpeg

Nat Mundel


Nat is a father of a First Grader and has been a parent at the school for three years. He is the founder and CEO of Voyage Media, an incubator for film & television projects based in Los Angeles. In addition to serving on the Board, he is also the founder and host of the Waldorf Dads Group, which is committed to elevating our Sanderling fathers’ Waldorf knowledge, volunteerism and social life.

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Dave Winslow


Dave is a native Vermonter that now lives in Encinitas with his family of five, three of which are students at Sanderling. His family has been involved with many Waldorf communities in Vermont and California and deeply believe in the pedagogical and philosophical practices of the education. Professionally, Dave is a global marketer and entrepreneur that has built key partnerships with Google, Facebook and other leading technology companies. He has consulted with organizations around the globe on digital marketing and brand strategies, with recent efforts concentrating on sustainability-focused companies. Additionally Dave serves on the Board of Trustees at Champlain College, a progressive private college that has campuses in Burlington Vermont, Montreal Quebec, and Dublin Ireland.


David Maliachi





doug reiss


executive director Ex-Officio (non voting)





Megumi Caverly

Faculty Representative,
Early Childhood

Megumi was born and grew up in Fukushima, Japan. She came to the United States in 1995 to study Anthroposophy and Waldorf education, graduating from Rudolf Steiner College in 1999. Since then, she has taught in both Japan and the U.S. In addition to being our Sweet Pea Nursery/ Kindergarten teacher, she is also the mother of a son enrolled in San Diego Waldorf High School. She loves young children, singing and making things, and is a self-described bookworm—in both English and Japanese.